MuleNog ’13

celebrating David Lynchmas

Make a Vine

  1. Convince us to invite you by creating your best David Lynch homage Vine loop.
  2. Follow @muledesign on Twitter.
  3. Post a link to your Vine on Twitter with the hashtag #mulenog13 and direct it to @muledesign. This link will get you what you need.

Get a Code

After you tweet your link, our staff of hotness experts will determine if you’re up to the standards of our party.

If you are, we will send a DM on Twitter. Be sure to follow @muledesign.

Keep your pants on. Computatin' is hard work.

Enter Code

Once you’ve received your code, enter it here and you’ll get the invite info for the party.

Oh, MAN. If you’re using THAT browser, we don’t want you at our party anyway.